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The Packaging Project provides a number of services for the benefit of its users and developers. This page provides a brief description of what is available.

Some services are accessible anonymously, others require prior registration. For those intended for use by end users the registration process is automated. Developers cannot register automatically, but the procedure for doing so is straightforward.

Package Repository

In order for a package file to be remotely accessible using RiscPkg it must be placed in a repository. In principle anyone can create a repository, which RiscPkg can be configured to access, however there are significant benefits for end users if most packages are available from a single location. The main reason for the existance of the Packaing Project is to provide such a repository.

Registered developers can upload packages files directly to the repository by means of a web form, and control which distributions (if any) that version of the package is a member of. Changes are immediately reflected in the published package index files. Files are automatically validated during the upload process to reduce the risk of error.

Packages in the Stable distribution are normally expected to conform to the rules listed in the Policy Manual. Otherwise the basic requirements are that the package must be non-harmful, lawful to distribute, and able to pass the relevant sanity checks.

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Mailing Lists

Some packages have associated mailing lists for use by users, developers or both. Typically this will be appropriate only if the Packaging Project is hosting the development or maintenance of the software itself (as opposed to merely its conversion into a package) and for this reason a mailing list is not opened automatically when a new package is created; however the package maintainer can ask for one in any case where he considers it would be useful.

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