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Shell Accounts


The Packaging Project currently has one machine available for remote shell access by registered developers, with another to follow.

Access using SSH

The normal method of access to these machines is via an SSH (Secure Shell) connection. SSH version 2 is preferable, but version 1 is acceptable.

There are several ways in which an SSH connection can be initiated from a RISC OS machine:

  • Using NettleSSH. This is a variant of the Nettle terminal emulator to which SSH support has been added by Justin Fletcher. It was not being actively developed at the time of writing, and the version of Nettle on which it is based is an old one, but it has been tested and appears to work well. Theo Markettos has built a 32-bit compatible release of this program. A packaged version of this release is available in the Unstable distribution.
  • Using the RISC OS port of PuTTY
  • Using a commine-line SSH client, such as the OpenSSH port released by the Unix Porting Project, optionally run as an ANSI task under Nettle.
  • Using SSHProxy, in combination with a terminal emulator (which could be Nettle). You use the terminal emulator to connect to the proxy server, usually via the loopback interface. The proxy server then prompts you for the address of the remote machine to which you wish to connect.


ProcessorAthlon 64 (virtual)
Operating SystemDebian GNU/Linux 4.0 ('Etch')
SSH port ssh:kosh.riscpkg.org:22

This machine is primarily intended for use by developers who want to cross-compile programs for RISC OS using GCCSDK, a copy of which is installed in the directory /home/riscos. Currently this is version 3.4.6 release 2.


ProcessorAthlon 64 (virtual)
Operating SystemDebian GNU/Linux Unstable ('Sid')
SSH port ssh:cartagia.riscpkg.org:22

This machine allows access to packages that are too recent to be part of the stable Debian release.


ProcessorAthlon 64 (virtual)
Operating SystemUbuntu 7.10 ('Gutsy Gibbon')
SSH port ssh:gkar.riscpkg.org:22

This machine is working but not yet fully commissioned.


Operating SystemDebian GNU/Linux 3.1 ('Sarge')
AvailabilityOn request
SSH Portssh:lyta.riscpkg.org:22

If you need a machine which is ARM-based then we have one. For environmental reasons it is not intended that it be permanently switched on, but it can be made available on request.